Concepts & Ideas
Concepts & Ideas
Jul 9, 2024

What is AI GTM (go-to-market)?

What is AI GTM (go-to-market)?

As we continue to see patterns of the most common tasks, functions, and processes that enterprises are enhancing with AI solutions (what we call “AI Success Stories”), some patterns and categories of the most common focus areas have emerged.

AI is clearly demonstrating value in augmenting go-to-market workflows. The capabilities being built are not new chatbots or replacing salespeople with an AI, but rather enhancing the speed, efficiency, accuracy, and depth of current tasks in a manner that gives businesses a selling advantage.

Further, while existing CRM and SFA solutions are adding generative AI into their systems, our experience shows that successful AI GTM solutions require orchestration across distributed data sources and multiple AI models. Ultimately by using a platform like Contextual to build alongside existing systems, enterprises continue to Own Their AI, without locking themselves into a framework that is still rapidly evolving.

The most common AI GTM augmentations we observe span a new version (yes, another take) of the ‘3 Ps’. 

Pricing Optimization

The days of static, one-size-fits-all pricing for enterprise offerings may soon be behind us. From service industries to physical products and software, new pricing models around usage-based pricing, benefit-based pricing, and hyper-local pricing are emerging. Traditional price books and price sheets don’t lend themselves well to this variability. Further, asking a salesperson to try and dynamically understand all the inputs that can go into optimizing a given price is unreasonable. Enter AI Pricing Optimization. AI is exceptionally well suited to incorporating massive amounts of data from multiple sources (federated or distributed data). For instance, using historic pricing in a market, industry-specific pricing, typical utilization by client size, and local or geographic impacts to predict the optimum price for yield. In this case that pricing yield might sit at the intersection of the highest likelihood to win a deal, the best chance to retain the deal, and the highest margin on the services included in the deal based on expected usage.

Product Recommendations

As a company’s portfolio of products, product tiers, product versions, product features and product capabilities continues to expand, answering the ‘which one should I buy’ question that a customer can become daunting. It’s difficult to know exactly what product to recommend and a challenge for salespeople to keep track of all the nuance and change that might impact a recommendation. AI Product Recommendation solutions are, similar to AI Pricing Optimization tools, designed to combine historic sales information (what products did prior customers purchase and were they happy / unhappy, high margin / low margin, retained / churned), unique perspective on the customer that can be gleaned from summarizing public or internal insight and potentially critical and dynamic factors like speed to close. The result is a product recommendation that matches specifically to the needs and objectives of both the enterprise and the customer.

Personalized Proposals

Ultimately, delivering an AI-optimized price with an AI-perfected product recommendation is only as good as how it’s presented. Personalizing proposals with AI is a benefit that any enterprise can capitalize on. This isn’t about using generative AI or LLMs to write more proposal copy. That’s a terrible idea and likely one that your average CRM platform is eager to stuff down your throat. Anyone reading an AI-generated proposal can tell this was written by AI, and it backfires—resulting in a loss of trust and credibility. Proposals of this sort are cringe-inducing. Your customer knows you didn’t bother to learn about them nor put in the effort to truly understand and care about their situation. The role of AI Personalized Proposals is not to generate a lot of fluff and words, but rather to extract the critical themes, recent news, and unique perspectives of the buyer and provide those as inputs to the human-generated proposal that will win the deal.

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI GTM can work for your business, contact us for a free brainstorming session. Or as the AI proposal generator we all hate might say:

“Are you ready to catapult your business into the future? Dive into the incredible world of AI GTM and discover how it can revolutionize your operations! Don't miss out on this golden opportunity – contact us NOW for an absolutely FREE brainstorming session! Let’s unlock the limitless potential of AI together and skyrocket your success! 🚀✨”

See…..made you cringe.