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Concepts & Ideas
Jun 26, 2024

Own Your AI - The Contextual Way

Own Your AI - The Contextual Way

At Contextual, we believe you should Own Your AI. It’s early innings in the evolution of AI solutions for the enterprise, and there are a lot of industry changes, shake-ups, failures, and new opportunities to come.

Owning Your AI means that you are not tightly bound to a single AI model or infrastructure. It means you control the data you’re using in your AI solution, both internal and external. It means you have the flexibility to change as the AI industry evolves. It means you can define how and in what system your AI ‘presents’ its value. You aren’t bound to an existing enterprise tool (CRM, Business Apps, Data Tool) and how it wants you to develop and deliver AI solutions, nor are you bound to what might be an insanely expensive and locked-in platform.

Control Your AI Data

Successful AI solutions gather and incorporate data from across the enterprise and from third-party systems and applications. Controlling Your AI Data means you can define the sources from which you are pulling, the history you do or do not want to include, the organization of that data, steps you want to take to enrich the data, how you categorize the data, and what data you persist, summarize or toss in the garbage heap.

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Control Your AI Models

The pace and speed of innovation and the breadth and growth in heavily targeted AI tools are astounding. Massive amounts of investment are being poured into new models, new architectures, and new tools—however silly. Putting aside the frothiness of this space, the reality is there are plenty of high-value AI tools and functions readily available, and Controlling Your AI Models means you can proactively choose your own tool or model and change it when you need to without lock-in. It means you can select to use targeted / purpose-built functions from platforms like RapidAPI. You choose how to monitor AI performance and decide on what works best and what data you want to include in RAG-enhanced LLM assistants. Ultimately this results in an AI solution that is tailor-built to your needs vs, a solution where you are forced to engage in unnatural yoga poses to achieve an outcome.

Control Your AI Interface

Finally, Owning Your AI, means you Control Your AI Interface. AI is not just chat; in many ways, AI-based chat solutions can be distracting and disruptive to your users without adding much value. Perhaps your AI solution only needs to produce a single price recommendation that can be incorporated into your Hubspot opportunity. Maybe your AI solution needs to result in an explicit task for your warehouse team. Where and how your AI solution delivers its benefit - be that process optimization, automation, or simply ride-a-long insight for your existing team, the best solutions will be multi-interface or even hidden entirely.

If Owning Your AI, seems like the type of approach that makes sense for your business, whether you’re engaged in AI solutions for GTM, Service Delivery, Data Transformation, or IoT solutions, Contextual is your answer. Get in touch.