Event-Driven services for your business

Contextual.io is a platform that includes everything you need to build and operate event-driven Services that power your business applications, automations, and processes.

World-Class tech stack without the hassle

Building your event-driven Services with Contextual gives you immediate, turnkey access to a World-Class Technology Stack that delivers essential architectural, operational, and performance benefits. Whether you’re a startup or an international enterprise, our operational expertise lets you avoid complexity, reduce cost, and get to market faster - with complete confidence.

Illustration depicting Contextual components and services
  • High Throughput, Elastic Scaling, and High Availability powered by Apache Pulsar
  • Distributed, Durable, Fault-Tolerant Storage and Data Processing powered by MongoDB
  • Intuitive, Drag and Drop Business Logic Design and Execution powered by Node-RED
  • Completely Programmable, Instant REST API is dynamically generated by Contextual for your Services enabling a world of integration possibilities
  • Kubernetes...

Build services using powerful low-code components

Components are the building block of Services in Contextual, and we’ve made it easier than ever to create what you need for your business application with integrated AI assistance, click & configure simplicity, and drag & drop design in a powerful library of components:

Object Types allow you to define, store, and process data

Topics organize event activity

Flows enable designing and executing business logic with drag & drop simplicity

Agents direct event activity

Connections enable external APIs let you connect to almost anything

Object Types allow you to define, store, and process data

  • Use integrated AI assist to create the Schema to define your data, or author it directly
  • Customize the user interface for the Object Type which is shown to your users in the Contextual console
  • Enable or disable basic features - create, update, read, list, delete, duplicate
  • One-click inclusion of all data activity in Audit Trail
  • Use Triggers to execute Rule Sets pre- or post- insert, update, and delete 
  • Create Actions and design Rule Sets which can be executed as an API method, manually, or on a schedule 
  • Easily import records from other systems
  • Dynamically generated Rest API allows for simple or advanced data integrations
  • Distributed, durable, fault-tolerant storage and data processing powered by MongoDB

Topics organize event activity

  • ...
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Flows allow you to design and execute business logic with drag & drop simplicity

  • Design your business logic with drag & drop simplicity using the Node-RED editor, customized and enhanced specifically for Contextual
  • Add code steps in your workflow easily for advanced functionality
  • Extended Node-Red with custom node types specifically for Contextual developers - need more detail

Agents direct event activity

  • Direct events from a Topic into a Flow to execute business logic
  • HTTP?…
  • Note about performance characteristics/config

External APIs let you connect to almost anything

  • Connect to almost anything inside or outside of your enterprise
  • Supports Bearer, Kafka, Client Grant, Password Grant, Basic and Public
  • Import, export, or keep data in sync with other business systems

Tenants support your product development process

Tenants are the primary organizational concept for the event-driven Services you develop and operate. When you create your Contextual account, you will receive access to your first tenant, and you can get started building Services right away. Multiple tenants provide support for larger development teams or product development organizations that want to separate Development, QA, and Production - or have other process-related considerations that require separation of work on services. Regardless of your needs, one or more Tenants can be used to achieve your software development lifecycle goals.

Pipeline Management - Dataplus X Webflow Template
  • Release your services so they can be installed and updated in other tenants
  • ...
  • ...

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