Contextual is for systems integrators.

Contextual lets your team solve new and more complex AI business challenges with confidence, increasing your speed to client delivery and putting more profit in your pocket.

The right components

Developer-accelerating tech

The Contextual answer.

The Contextual solution eliminates complexity in choosing the right application architecture, platform and devops tools and approaches for your AI-processing client solutions. Building your event-driven services with Contextual gives you immediate, turnkey access to a world-class technology stack that delivers essential architectural, operational, and performance benefits.

By delivering out-of-the-box components and a simplified development environment tied directly to a scaled operations environment, Contextual makes it easy to build AI-assisted solutions that power your client’s applications, integrations and automations.

Pre-built solutions

Ops baked in

The result is your team is focused on building AI business value, not wasting time on application, platform and DevOps decisions that slow development, are often ultimately operationally equivalent and increase DevOps complexity.

Faster time to value

Contextual dramatically accelerates creation of AI-assisted business solutions, driving delivery of business value in days, not months. You can win more business, take on harder projects and deliver exceptional results to your clients

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AI-Assisted Solution
Development Lifecycle

Build Data Feed & AI Prompts
Deploy and Operate
Contextual Platform
Built to enable your team of developers, product managers, analysts, and program managers to be more efficient in every step of the development lifecycle so that you can confidently take on the largest, most complex AI-processing engagements.

Project-Accelerating tech

Contextual’s components make development faster and more accessible.
  • Visual/flow-based JavaScript development makes development faster with built-in AI nodes.
  • Schema-driven data objects with instant, no-code, API layer, auto-generated user interface, triggers & actions, versioning & auditing, and data templates eliminate time-intensive background tasks.
  • Zero configuration, auto-scaling messaging infrastructure makes DevOps easy.
  • AI-enabled development co-pilot accelerates every action.
We’ve given you the tools to monitor, operate and scale your environment confidently, knowing that your solution can support whatever your client throws at you.

Manage your business. Not your platform.

Contextual Tenants make it easy to manage a project for one client or one hundred clients. You can split your event-based services by application, by development stage or by functional area. In all cases, the Contextual platform makes deployment and operations seamless, scalable and highly visible.

Auto-scaling based on event demand

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Security, auditing, and logging

One-click service provisioning

Workload sizing

Automated deployments

Fewer headaches.
Happy clients.
More profit.