Contextual is for developers.

Contextual eliminates the headaches involved in building a single AI-assisted service or a complete and extensible AI services architecture to power your business applications, automations, and processes.

Accelerate the path to AI-processing value.

Application, platform, and DevOps decisions can slow development, are often—ultimately—operationally equivalent, increase DevOps complexity, and may not add immediate business value.

AI Processing Logic and Value
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We’ve surfaced leading technologies in a fully integrated and managed development and operations platform so that you can begin building AI-processing business solutions immediately.

Stand up a world-class AI-processing tech stack with one click

Building your AI-processing services with Contextual gives you immediate, turnkey access to a world-class technology stack that delivers essential architectural, operational, and performance benefits. Whether you’re a startup, systems integrator, or an international enterprise, our operational expertise lets you avoid complexity, reduce cost, and get to market faster—with complete confidence.

We’ve made the critical decisions on a robust platform that includes AI-enhanced development tools, supporting infrastructure, and the operations model you need to deliver your AI-assisted business solutions with speed and at enterprise-ready reliability and scale.
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High event throughput, elastic scaling, and high availability powered by Apache Pulsar
Distributed, durable, fault-tolerant storage and data processing powered by MongoDB
Intuitive, drag-and-drop business logic design and execution powered by Node-RED
Completely programmable, instant REST API for your entire data and services infrastructure.
Scalable and responsive operating environment powered by Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure
Contextual delivers everything you need to build, deploy, and operate scalable, AI-processing services.

Contextual in. Complexity out.

Components are the building block of Services in Contextual, and we’ve made it easier than ever to create your AI-assisted services with low-code development, click-and-configure deployment and auto-scaling.

Each Contextual Tenant includes:

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Object Types

Define, store, and process data including triggers, actions, and out-of-the-box APIs
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Used to design and execute AI-assisted business logic across any platform.


Seamlessly operate and scale compute across topics and flows
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System Connectors

Connect to common or standards-based, third party technologies


Deliver asynchronous event throughput in scalable message pipelines
We’ve taken operational complexity out of the equation with DevOps, deployment, auto-scaling, and more baked in.

Deployment and operations have never been easier.

Contextual Services and Tenants make it simple to organize your functionality and underlying components for easy deployment of your AI-processing Services. You can move services between tenants if you’re operating in a traditional Development, QA and Production environment, or separate projects, clients, or teams across Tenants for easy management.

Auto-scaling based on event demand

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Security, auditing, and logging

One-click service provisioning

Workload sizing

Automated deployments

Request a demo to experience the full power of the Contextual platform.